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The online retailer bringing jewels from the East to Western shoppers.

G Bond is a Malaysian-born business women with an eye for jewellery and accessories. She founded the website I Love Designer two years ago, offering up inspiring jewellery from designers in the East to sell to shoppers in the West. What started out as an idea on a piece of paper is now a growing online business with plans to target more UK shoppers. Bond tells Professional Jeweller about the site and her business plans.

Professional Jeweller: Tell us about I Love Designer – what did you think was missing from the online jewellery offer that you could fulfill?
G Bond: We have always had a real passion for jewellery and accessories, but after spending time living in Asia that passion was ignited further. Asia is such an inspirational place with many talented craftspeople, beautiful resources and inspirational landscapes creating really stunning items with mystical meaning. Many of these products were not available online which is how the concept for was born, wanting to fuse the East and West together.

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PJ: How are you sourcing the jewellery designers that you work with and sell through the site?
GB: We spend a lot of time travelling the globe to uncover hidden and talented designers from far afield places with a view of making their designs accessible to all. So far we have been to India, Bali, Istanbul, Thailand and Borneo to name but a few. We are passionate about supporting these skilled craftspeople and offering them a platform to sell their products to an international market. After spending time with the designers we found and looking at their pieces we identify a range that we think our customer, residing in the East or West, will appreciate.

PJ: What kind of customer are you attracting to the site so far?
GB: The customer we are attracting is a well travelled fashion conscious women who appreciates quality and style, but wants something a bit different or looking to experiment with her existing style. Our customers prefer their accessories to make a style statement and do the talking.

PJ: How has I Love Designer grown since its launch?
GB: Since its launch I Love Designer has really taken off and we are already interacting with customers all over the world. In a typical week we may send Indian earrings to Belgium, American bracelets to Singapore or an exotic clutch to Leeds. We are excited to be such an international website and we strongly believe that we will grow from strength to strength.

PJ: Have you have any plans to collaborate with any of the designers you work with?
GB: This is something the I Love Designer team is really interested in. We are in discussions with some of our designers about creating exclusive pieces for [the website]. We are also looking at creating an exclusive range that is going to support a community Asia which will be sold under the I Love Designer range.

PJ: Tell me about your plans for I Love Designer – where do you see the site in a year’s time?
GB: We hope to continue to grow and to keep sourcing fabulous new designers from across the globe. We are able to quickly identify new trends that are emerging in the East to bring to the West and vice versa. We are working on some great collaborations at the moment, including introducing new features on the site, and we are excited about the future products that we are going to be able to offer to our customers.

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