Jacobs the Jeweller

Adam Jacobs, director at Jacobs the Jewellers, talks to Professional Jeweller about the fine jewellery market.

What fine jewellery trends did you see rise in popularity this year?
In 2019 we saw a lot of wristwear sold — diamond line bracelets and classic yellow gold bangles especially.

What is today’s fine jewellery shopper looking for in a piece of jewellery?
Shoppers are keener on quality, versatility and the right place to buy from — they are much more discerning.


What’s influencing today’s fine jewellery shoppers purchasing decisions?
Today’s shoppers are looking to trust where they buy from — this may not be massively different to years ago, though certainly seems to be a more important ingredient.

What trends do you expect to be popular in 2020?
I expect continuing yellow gold growth as well as people looking for more unusual piece — rather than ‘cookie cutter’ jewellery — including personalisation elements.

How do you plan to innovate in the fine jewellery market over the next 12 months?
We want to look across our ranges and thin out where items haven’t moved. Investing in quality products with clear design differentiation, focused price points and value propositions is key.

What things do you look out for when deciding what fine jewellery to stock?
This certainly hasn’t changed —quality, commerciality, as little comparable local availability as possible, and value added service from supplier partners.