What trends did you notice dominating the luxury jewellery sector this year?
Absolutely the playfulness in fine jewellery, mix and match as much as you want, and last but not least coloured gemstones.

What trends do you predict will be popular in the next 12 months?
We believe that we will see more demi-fine collections in general, as we believe that this as a category hasn’t matured at all yet. We also believe that online sales of jewellery will increase as more jewellery brands are moving online which is an interesting tendency, which confirms the interest and willingness of buying (expensive) jewellery on the internet.

How would you like to see the luxury jewellery market adapt this year?
Brands being even more conscious of their behaviour and footprint in this world — a higher focus of sustainability would suit the industry. As jewellery lovers we highly appreciate the DNA and uniqueness as well as the craftsmanship the luxury brands show. We would love it if the brands who are innovative in their design and truly passionate about the craft were appreciated more.


What advice would you offer luxury jewellery designers for the year ahead?
Be true to your own DNA, don’t try and be everything for everyone — that’s impossible. Creating a strong and clear visual identity is important and realising that it takes time in a busy every day to also be relevant and visual.

Having launched The Jewellery Room in London this year, what are your thoughts on the luxury jewellery scene in the United Kingdom?
There is a very interesting parallel between the UK and Danish jewellery scene. There seems to be quite a lot of attention and focus on jewellery in general and the talent base in both countries are quite high. Where the UK scene previously has showed a more feminine and glamourous jewellery style, the Danish has for a long time been known for their casual non-sparkling craftsmanship. And here the similarities are becoming more alike, as the Danish brands have become more ‘glamourous’ and the UK is becoming more bold, playful and fashionable and there is a lot of interesting, upcoming talent here.