The bridal and fine jewellery specialist discusses his unique style.

Nearing 30-years in business Danhov is an industry-leading designer of handcrafted rings in the bridal segment we asked the owner and designer, Jack Hovsepian, to tell us more about his company and his uniquely handmade designs.

Profesisonal Jeweller: When and where was Danhov established?
Jack Hovsepian: I founded the company, based in Los Angeles in 1984 as a fine jewellery manufacturer; creating pieces for some of the most well-known jewellers. Danhov has grown to be an award-winning designer brand of unique and handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bangs. We are known for an innovative design philosophy. The designs of our custom-made rings ensure that every Danhov customer wears a special ring that is an extension of their personal style.


PJ: What is so unique about Danhov’s designs?
JH: All rings created by Danhov are made either by hand or hand assembled. Unlike many jewellery designers, no moulds are used. This preserves the quality and intricate details that only handmade or hand assembled pieces can show.

My father was an accomplished fashion designer, so I spent my formative years exposed tp trend-setting haute couture, learning from him the importance of marrying precision with art, I knew I wanted to do something creative and design orientated. I saw it as a challenge to create something different in the bridal category. I approach each design with an avant garde attitude – pushing the boundaries of typical engagement rings. However, I will also take a more traditional setting and refresh it with new design elements to create something modern for the millennial bride. My unique designs, along with the quality and craftsmanship that comes with Danhov’s handmade collections, are heirlooms-in-the-making.

PJ: Does Danhov work in platinum and if so why?
JH: We have always worked with platinum because of its strength and durability. As years have gone by it has become even more requested because of its high value and best-in-class status. Danhov loves using it for bridal jewellery because it is naturally white, hypoallergenic, lasts forever and it holds precious stones securely.

PJ: What are the most popular ring styles, for both men and women, in wedding rings?
JH: Danhov’s most popular engagement ring styles are from our Abbraccio and Eleganza collections, these are the most unique and identifiable as a Danhov ring. Our Tubetto collection men’s bands have been the most popular with guys.

PJ: Does a bride have to wait a long time to get a handmade engagement ring or wedding band from Danhov?
JH: Not at all. Our rings are delivered within two weeks. One jeweller will focus on one ring from start to finish. Because each ring is made-to- order, it provides the customer a custom-fit ring, tailored to his or her needs.

PJ: Any new designs within current collections or new collections we should be on the lookout for?
JH: I’m always challenging myself to design rings that stand apart. Quality and design are the most important things in a Danhov ring. I don’t want the skilled craftsmen at Danhov creating handmade rings that aren’t exciting or look like others in the market. Most recently, my designs have offered variations of the embracing swirls in the Abbraccio collection and the criss-crossing prongs in the Eleganza collection.