Katerina Perez, founder of jewellery website katerinaperez.com, talks to Professional Jeweller about social media ahead of her seminar and advice clinics at International Jewellery London this weekend… 

Q: Can you tell us about your website and what you do?

Essentially, I am a jewellery insider and a gemmologist, who finds the best designers and brands out there and bring them to the attention of my readers and followers who happen to be both jewellery professionals and consumers. I travel around the world looking for talent and spectacular gemstones, spotting trends, observing the evolution in the jewellery industry. I then share my discoveries on katerinaperez.com and related social media.


Q: What are the three key advices you would offer a jewellery brand/retailer looking to shake-up its social media presence?

If a brand wishes to get the most of its social media, my advice would be to invest in a series of beautiful images, carefully plan all the posts and go thorough analytics that would help with the development in the future. It is important to be consistent in updating Instagram and Facebook.

Q: When it comes to posting on Facebook are there any top tips you can offer – should it be one post a day, an image, a video?

The one key thing I would like to stress is that Facebook posts need to be published regularly. It could be once a day, or a few times a week. It has to be slotted at different times of the day to establish what works best for the brand or company. When there are big gaps between the posts, the number of people who see them decreases. The same happens with the number of likes on Facebook per post. I have noticed that short, crisp videos and beautiful images tend to receive the best response. The same goes for jewellery drawings, ‘behind-the-scenes’ and ‘work-in-progress’ photos.

Q: Do you think all companies need an in-house social media employee now, or can it be done by an existing member of staff?

I believe anyone can manage the social media platforms, be it an in-house staff member or an outsourced social media manager. In order to do this, they need to spend enough time (at least six hours a week) on research and planning of various social media activities as well as analysis of statistics. British designer Sarah Ho, who will be on the panel with me, does all her social media in-house. She will speak about what works best for her, which should throw some light on different aspects of social media and its workings.

Katerina Perez, founder and editor-in-chief, katerinaperez.com, How to Increase Engagement and Generate Sales on Social Media, 11am-12pm, Inspiration Theatre; How to Market a Jewellery Brand via Social Media, 1pm-2pm, Business Advice Clinic; Dos and Donts of Instagram and Facebook Posts, 2.30pm-3pm, all September 6.

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