The US jeweller on joining other fine brands selling in the London.

US-based jeweller Martin Katz is a red carpet regular, favoured by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Heidi Klum and Carrie Mulligan.

His fine diamond and gemstone designs are inspired by the city of New York, nature and art, while his Haute Art collection feature fine coloured gemstones in a host of one-of-a-kind cocktail rings.


Katz has recently launched his collections to the UK press, with a focus on high bridal lines and diamond and gemstone jewellery. He talks to Professional Jeweller about 2014 trends and why London is the gateway to the world.

Professional Jeweller: Tell us why you have decided to make a push in the UK market?
Martin Katz: I feel that the UK is the gateway to Europe and the Middle East. It seems to be the logical next step that I better expose my designs and my style of work here.

PJ: Do you believe customers shopping in the UK – or London specifically – seek a particular style or type of jewellery?
MK: The UK, like everywhere, has many different tastes, especially when it comes to something as unique and special as jewellery. I don’t believe that there is anything quite like what I do in the UK. Why not add my own design voice and style to the amazing brands that are already there?

PJ: What are you plans for the brand in the UK – are you hoping to win stockists, or are you opening a standalone store?
MK: [A store] is not my primary intention at this time. I am focused on making my brand known and exposing my designs. But of course, if the right opportunity presents itself, I am open to it.

PJ: You have a number of collections including bridal and men’s timepieces. Will you be launching all of them here?

MK: My bridal collection is an important part of my collections so an all-inclusive unveiling will take place. I am still in development of my timepiece collection.

PJ: Finally, what do you forecast to be important jewellery trends in 2014?

MK: I think that coloured stone jewellery will continue to be big in 2014. Vibrant colours that are haute couture in spirit and impactful designs that are artfully made.