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The American jeweller discusses his plans to crack the UK market.

American jewellery designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza splits his time between Asia and the United States, ensuring his namesake brand, M.C.L, is experienced in as many worldwide markets as possible. Despite this jet-set lifestyle, Laurenza is keen to see his jewellery shine brighter in the UK and is actively seeking to expand his brand’s awareness here. We spoke to him to find out where his brand is at now and what he hopes to achieve in the future.

Professional Jeweller: You have been selling your designs in the UK for a number of years, but are now seeking to expand your place in the market – why is the UK important to you?
Matthew Campbell Laurenza: The UK market is important as it is truly an international market with its inhabitants coming from all parts of the globe. Since its press is also in English its international fashion publications can be found all over the world on news stands, where as publications in French or other languages are often more difficult to readily find. The combination of both of these aspects will speed-up the global awareness of M.C.L.

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PJ: Tell us more about your collections – what is your brand signature (e.g. enamel, precious stones, themes)?
MCL: M.C.L is a brand that produces multiple types of jewellery. We have the namesake brand M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza which is a sterling silver, enameled collection which sets semi precious and precious stones into fashion forward designs. This is the collection which has garnered the most international press and outlets. It is also the collection which can be found in the UK.

I have also produced a collection of 18ct gold. My first selection of fine jewellery was launched in collaboration with Swarovski Fine Gems. The collection was produced using Swarovski Gems’ beautiful range of precious gemstones and the results have been widely applauded in international press. The collection will soon debut in the UK.

The final type of jewellery that M.C.L produces is called M2 By Matthew Campbell Laurenza. This collection is purely fantasy using gilt bronze and simulated stones. This collection has not launched in most markets and is still in the infancy stage, but part of this collection can be viewed online.

PJ: What kind of UK retailers are you hoping to win with MCL’s collections?
MCL: Matches, Browns and Net-A-Porter would be great for us. We are also very keen on working with QVC to launch our designer collection Millie.

PJ: Your pieces have been very popular on US TV shows and the Red Carpet – tell us about some of the places where your designs have appeared and the awareness it’s raised…
MCL: I have been very blessed to be able to dress most American celebrities. We have dressed Miley Cyrus, Salena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keyes, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, Kelly Rowland, Blake Lively and many others. We have also been fortunate enough to appear on TV series Revenge, Suits, Lipstick Jungle, and every episode of Gossip Girl.

The awareness that this has brought has been amazing, but we have learned that to really benefit from these placements we have to be successful in terms of social media. On our Facebook page (M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza) we post weekly updates of who and where people have appeared wearing M.C.L. This seems to really help drive home the fact that we have had great support from the industry.

PJ: Finally, what’s next from the MCL brand…
MCL: I am looking to increase collaborations in other categories. It is my dream to really make M.C.L a true lifestyle company offering products that can be enjoyed in most aspects of someones day to day life.

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