Online marketplace launched in July 2015 with a mission to promote the world’s best emerging fashion accessory brands to women who dare to be different.

My Lux Boutique stocks both luxury fashion and fine jewellery brands including designs by Kassandra Lauren Gorden, Daou Jewellery, Latelita, Anchor & Crew, Neola, Ornella Iannuzi and more.

The new website was founded by former fashion and accessories designer Sophie Bentham.


Here, Bentham talks to Professional Jewellers about her vision for the site and how it’s been going since the launch earlier this year.

What was the inspiration behind launching My Lux Boutique?

I’ve always been passionate about jewellery yet have often felt limited by the options out there. I want to wear beautiful and timeless pieces, but had to really shop around to find what I wanted. It was either poor quality high-street fads or unaffordable designer prices.

My love for uncovering new, emerging brands from around the world is so exciting because you really get to see future trends from these developing, imaginative independent designers. MLB is all about providing people with that boutique style shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.

What would you say My Lux Boutique’s USP is?

We provide a wide variation of relatively small or unknown brands which most people would otherwise never have access to in one place. We provide a one-stop-shop of beautiful and unique accessories from across the globe to suit every occasion and craving.

We support growing independent brands in boosting their brand and gaining exposure alongside likeminded designers.

My Lux Boutique is all about undiscovered new trends, brands with vision, innovative product and affordable luxury style.

What type of customers do you attract?

Our core customer is a woman who knows her own style and enjoys wearing timeless pieces, which feel one of a kind. She wants to find accessories that people stop to ask her about. If she can wear a brand not many people know about yet, even better!

How do you go about sourcing brands to sell on the website?

There is no real method to my madness! I will attend the occasional trade show but my favourite brands to work with are those that I’ve found on my travels in the small back streets in Bonifacio or boutiques in Saint Tropez and Mykonos. I’m never without my ‘bible’ where I am constantly scribbling down the number of a designer I have met somewhere in the world. Travelling is an essential part of my work (and maintaining my sanity).

What qualities do you look in brand’s you stock?

In true boutique style, cherry-picking products for the site is crucial. Quality is extremely important to our customers; most of our brands use precious stones and metals. For me it’s the all in the design, fair pricing, designers who have real potential and are creating exciting products. It’s so exciting to be involved at this stage in our brands growth period.

How has the website been doing since the launch in July?

Like all new businesses there have been inevitable teething problems but nothing we haven’t overcome. We are gaining good traction and are naturally increasing our reach and engagement. We have also received wonderful feedback from our designers who love working with us as much as we enjoy working with them.

What buying trends have you noticed?

As MLB is a dropship site we are lucky in that we are free to experiment with lots of different styles and trends. We can see almost immediately through customer sales and interaction what is going to work and what is not.

What jewellery pieces are particularly selling well for you?

At the moment it is anything that’s statement: party jewellery, bold costume style, bright colours. Bianca Bertoni skeleton cuff bracelets are popular as well as Latelita stingray skin bangles are always a hit.

How do you see My Lux Boutique growing?

MLB is just a baby so the sky is the limit! We will continue to build our brand offering and heavily invest in the more traditional advertising methods, rather than purely tech based models, which I find to be a little oversaturated.

What plans do you have for the online shop in 2016?

A terrifying amount actually. I can’t reveal everything right now but let’s just say… collaborations, new product categories, MLB loyalty scheme, building our international presence, celebrity features and big website changes…

Would you ever consider a bricks & mortar store presence?

We are currently discussing possible pop-up options so I will see how that goes first.