Q&A: Natasha Leith-Smith on Allumer in 2013


The designer behind the colourful jewellery brand on her 2013 plans.

Natasha Leith-Smith launched her jewellery brand Allumer by chance after making a couple of bracelets for her friends. Fast forward to 2013 and she is plotting new route for her collections including her well-known coloured bell necklaces.

Professional Jeweller: Tell us about Allumer in 2013 – what are your new collections like?
Natasha Leith-Smith: The new Inspire line is all about the personalisation and creativity of the collection. The flexibility of the pieces allows you to create something completely individual due to the ability of stacking and collecting. We tell customers that with the use of their imaginationbut putting one colour and length of chain with another colour of pendant so their unique piece becomes an inspiration. 

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PJ: Where do you draw inspiration from to keep evolving your collections?
NL-S: All of our collections work together so that you can continue to add, embellish and create your own. My inspiration comes from the colours and culture from Hong Kong – bright lights, big buildings, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea.

PJ: What are your plans for the UK market and how are you developing the Allumer brand in the UK?
NL-S: I hope to do some collaborations with international brands and charities and superstars in the coming year.

PJ: You recently showed your collections at the CJM meeting in Birmingham. How did you find the show as one of the six guest designers?
NL-S: We had a wonderful, very successful, interesting and busy time. Our Neon collection of bell necklaces was well received along with our new Inspire campaign, which encourages customers to get to grips with the mix and match capabilities of Allumer.


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