International Jewellery London kicks off its seminar line up today with a dedicated ‘Social Sunday’ focused on all things digital.

Professional Jeweller talks to Rosalind Shimmen PR founder, Rosalind Shimmen, about social media trends and the role influencers can play in the jewellery industry…

Q: What new social media trends have you noticed lately?
I’ve noticed that video content is on the rise. It seems the future is not only about crowd sourcing but also crowd filtering. Today’s people do not have time to search for information; instead we expect information produced in either a three-minute video or an eye-catching info graphic that we can digest via our smartphones.


Q: How do you help a brand determine the right influencer for them?
With the increasing number of influencers it can be a daunting and time-consuming task to identify whom is the right fit for your brand. Working together Rosalind Shimmen Communications we will be able to identify a selection of influencers that suit your brand and it’s message. Using your brand profile, we will design, develop and manage a meaningful blogger strategy package to help your brand develop long-lasting relationships that deliver.

Q: How can the jewellery industry utilise this growing trend?
Influencers can control your brands reputation, influence purchase behaviour, impact your SEO, drive traffic to your website, and are the gatekeepers to your audience. Working on an influencer campaign is very similar to working with a celebrity ambassador, the only difference is that working with an influencer is a much more targeted approach. Yes celebrities have a greater reach, but if you were to go through their social media following you would find that a large number of their followers are young teens who are following them because they like their music, their a popular name or they are just generally – I hate to say it – good looking. Whereas people following jewellery/fashion bloggers are normally following them for one reason and one reason only – because they like their style and appreciate the clothes/jewellery they wear. Meaning you are tapping directly into an audience of potential customers.

Rosalind Shimmen, Working with social and YouTube influencers, 12.15-1.15, Inspiration Theatre