Rosie Fortescue has come a long way since the launch of her eponymous brand in 2016.

Last year alone the Made in Chelsea star scooped a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 accolade and secured luxury department store Fortnum and Mason as a stockist, alongside several independent boutiques.

This week Rosie Fortescue Jewellery launched its third jewellery collection, so we caught up with the founder of the brand to find out her plans for the next 12 months…


PJ: Congratulations on your third collection, what’s the inspiration behind the new range?

RF: I feel as if this collection has a slightly more vintage, timeless vibe to the chunkier pieces. They were actually inspired by a ring I have always loved of my mothers’ for as long as I can remember!


How has your business been growing since the launch in 2015?

I still have full ownership and control of the business myself, so am taking it slowly to not run before I can walk. It has definitely got to the stage now where I can no longer be a one man band and need to start looking into support or investment.


What lessons have you been learning on your jewellery production journey?

Every day is a learning curve. My factory still makes mistakes, there are delays with customs and I suddenly sell out of items totally unexpectedly, so they get left out of stock for weeks on end. I’ve learnt to understand that as much as it’s good to learn from these mishaps, some are unpredictable so I need to chill and let it happen. Stressing over details out of my control is not going to help in the long run!


What excites you most about the jewellery industry?

What excites me is the creativity and diversity of the jewellery industry. The industry is constantly evolving and developing and becoming stronger.


What would you say is your brand’s USP?

I would say my price point, quality and style all combined form the USP. I wanted to create affordable luxury jewellery. Jewellery that looked a million dollars but didn’t need to break the bank. Pieces in the new collection are more expensive than before but that is due to the weight of the items, instead of a general increase. I still want to keep my brand accessible at the same time.

Pieces in the third collection are more expenses due to metal weight.

How do you hope to grow the brand over the next 18 months?

I really hope to bring some amazing people onto my team, and for that I will need investment so watch this space!


Are you looking for new stockists, if so, what kind of stores would you like to see the brand in?

I am always looking for cool new boutiques. They can be hard to find but I got a few at Scoop trade show earlier this year, including Fenwick which is super exciting.


Where would you like to see the brand in five years’ time?

This question always scares me as I don’t want to jinx it but doesn’t everyone want to see their brand hugely successful in 5 years’ time?


How do you use the power of social media to boost business?

Instagram has become so natural to me that it’s part of the day to day running of my business. I am always updating snippets from my life and it so often includes my jewellery so it’s a great way to show my follows how active I am behind the brand, from the design to the order fulfilment.