Sabine Roemer

Ethical jeweler to the stars talks about Oscars night.

London-based jewellery designer and one of last year’s London Jewellery Week Rising Gems Sabine Roemer recently created special luxe editions of the 46664 Nelson Mandela Foundation bangles for The Oscars, one of which was worn by one of her more famous customers, Morgan Freeman.

How did it feel to see your 46664 Bangles on the red carpet at The Oscars?
Amazing, it is every designers dream to have a piece on the red carpet at The Oscars. Lori McCreary and Morgan Freeman looked stunning, and finally the world hears about the 46664 Bangle and the cause behind it.


How did you first get involved with the Nelson Mandela Foundation?
I was very honored to have the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela three years ago and being able to support his foundation since then. He is a very inspiring person and I’m happy to help to spread his message.

You launched your first pieces at the Cannes Film Festival, how important are red carpet events are in shaping jewellery trends?
I love the red carpet moments as it is a great and important way of displaying your jewellery to a broader audience.

You are both a jeweller and a sculptor, which do you prefer?
I couldn’t say which one I prefer, as even my jewellery is sculptured, so for me both are really the same. I try to put a lot of time in my details and see every single piece as a sculptured piece of art, if it is big or small.

Has the price of gold affected your work?
Of course the gold pieces are more expensive these days but gold has such a lasting effect and is a beautiful material to work with, so it is worth it.

Have you been affected by the recession?
As I’m making only commissioned and one-off pieces so far, I’m in such a niche it doesn’t really affect me. There is only me involved, from the design to the finishing piece, therefore I was happy enough to not be in the position to have to let someone go.

You’ve worked on several high-profile projects, do you have any more in the pipeline?
Yes, there is always more and I really feel this is only the start. The next two big projects are the launch of my first official collection at Harrods this May with Annoushka and making the most prestigious and expensive elephant for the Elephant Parade with Gemfields.

You work closely with ethical jewellery organisations and projects – what is the biggest challenge facing ethical jewellery?
To get the message out that we actually need to buy traditional jewellery, gemstones and diamonds to support people. There are actually thousands of people who have a job and hope for a better future through the making of traditional jewellery and the mining industry.

You were part of Rising Gems during London Jewellery Week last year, will you be doing anything for this year’s London Jewellery Week?
Rising Gems was a great project but unfortunately I won’t have time to be part of London Jewellery Week this year as I’m just too tied up with my current projects, but maybe next year.