Joanne Hughes, owner of Strange the Jewellers, talks to Professional Jeweller about the fashion jewellery market.

How has your fashion jewellery offer evolved this year?
We have really concentrated on design led brands this year and it seems to be really popular as there is a real talking point about the designers behind the brand itself and their story. For example, if we hold a promotion event in store for a brand we can actually ask the designer to come and do a meet and greet and consumers love this idea as they feel they are special. We made a conscious decision that each brand had to have its own unique selling point and that no one brand crossed over into another — that they were completely stand alone in the way of design. Designers that we have in store are Shaun Leane, Fei Liu, Rachel Galley, Vixi Jewellery, byBiehl, Lucinda King, Chlobo, and Claudia Bradby. We also stock UNOde50 and Les Georgettes as they are so unique they definitely have their own USP.

In your opinion, what trends have been dominating the fashion market this year?
Layering up, initial pendants and hoop earrings.


Has anything taken you by surprise in the fashion jewellery sector this year?
UNOde50 and its growth has been amazing. We love it and have a big customer following for the brand. Even those who at first were a little put off by the handmade artisan elements of it as soon as they tried the pieces on they were converted and came to really appreciate the brand. There really is nothing comparable in the industry, which is why it is doing so well.

What’s your strategy for selling fashion jewellery over the next 12 months?
Keep doing what we are doing I think.

What trends and styles do you predict will be popular in fashion in 2020?
I think layering will still be popular and we see more millennials looking for yellow gold.