Q&A: Tasarim Takarim, the brand making jewellery from kids’ drawings


Istanbul-based jewellery design duo Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu and Ozgur Karavit have developed a bespoke service with a difference; their brand Tasarim Takarim produces jewellery based on children’s drawings. 

Using customer’s pictures, the designers use precious metals to craft long-lasting mementos. Professional Jeweller finds out more about the unique and innovative concept.

Where did the idea come from to make jewellery from children’s drawings?

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We’re both artists, and have been working with children for more than five years using creativity and art to inspire them. The jewellery idea came about because we wanted to support children’s creativity, and give their drawings long-lasting value.

How long have you been offering the service?

Over a year. We first started with our own children’s drawings, and then our friends’ children, and soon we started making the jewellery from children’s designs worldwide!

What metals do you use to make the jewellery, and what is the production process?

For now we work with silver and gold-plated silver. On some of the designs we use laser engraving, but even then they are still hand-cut. The pieces vary in detail, from simple to incredibly complex. We see jewellery as a wearable sculpture, an object of art, and our crafting process reflects that.



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  1. I did a whole collection based on this idea for one of my clients about 10 years ago. We turned them into fully 3 dimensional miniature sculptures and charms.Even enamelling them to get to colours. You can see one of them in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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