Earlier this week Professional Jeweller broke the news that Reed Exhibitions’ International Jewellery London (IJL) appears to have disappeared from the calendar for good, if one former Reed employee is correct.

Former sales manager for Reed Exhibitions Lennox Addo, who was heavily involved in IJL, told PJ that he is now working with CloserStill Media to bring a new event to the UK.

The Jewellery Show is touted for a September 2022 debut, with more details set to follow imminently.


In the meantime, read an unabridged version of the interview with Addo below to find out more about the Jewellery Show, as well as what happened to IJL and what the future of trade shows could hold.

PJ: What was your role at IJL?

Lennox Addo: I was a proud sales manager. It was a commercial role requiring me to acquire the right quality and quantity of exhibitors and partners for the event.

The jewellery industry is extremely close to my heart as I’ve had the experience of following my mother who owned several jewellery stores across Essex.

With this additional passion for the industry I understood what suppliers, manufacturers, designers, distributors and the retailer would want from a trade show – ultimately all sectors are looking at trade shows for an uplift in sales!

I made it my business to ensure that by matching the right exhibitors with the right buyers both sides can see clearly how the show will lead to a tangible increase in their business.

IJL 2016

What happened to IJL and is it coming back?

My understanding is that a decision was made to cut IJL at a time when all events were being halted due to the pandemic.

It’s no secret in the industry that the show had been weakening year on year and was feeling a little tired.

Trade shows need a lot of passion, commitment and effort from the people leading it and if this is not there the event will not be successful.

Is it coming back? I do not think so.

Aside from Covid restrictions, what’s new in the world of trade shows since they’ve been gone due to the pandemic? Have they evolved in any way?

Trade shows are incredibly important to any industry – an opportunity for the industry to come together to do business, to learn, to network and to socialise.

The jewellery industry is a great example of a sector that loves to meet face to face, to buy in person, to touch and feel the products they are buying.

During the pandemic we have not had the chance to meet and this is incredibly important to any industry.

“my efforts and determination are now focused on launching an international jewellery trade event in London September 2022”

We have not had a trade show for two years, and now it’s vital we come together as an industry to grow.

Many shows that were struggling or tired will have closed during the pandemic, but it’s vital that the shows that survive or launch post pandemic are more exciting than ever before. They need to embrace new and digital ways of working and need to be more relevant to the audience it serves.

Trade shows are simple yet highly effective. I believe what’s new with trade shows is the ability to harness the effective targeted reach that online can achieve.

It’s what I call MAD – measurable actions defined. Leveraging what online can do by way of representing your jewellery business or brand positioning, particularly with B2B, alongside exhibiting at a trade show is immensely powerful as a 360 marketing and sales strategy.

Being familiar with analysing and reading digital sales analytics would greatly be beneficial also for an exhibitor.

I can hear some of the readers now: “I know nothing of that, Lennox!”

My response: “Yes, you already do, because you are in the business of jewellery selling which means understanding what your customers want. Something, but with numbers!”

You parted ways with IJL? What are you doing now?

I felt it was the wrong decision to cut IJL. I believe in the jewellery industry, and I believe in live events, and I know the sector deserves to have a fantastic UK trade exhibition that appeals both to national and international prospects.

Personally, the thought of not being involved in the sector would be extremely painful and so my efforts and determination are now focused on launching an international jewellery trade event in London September 2022.

The Jewellery Show is in partnership with leading trade show organiser, CloserStill Media. CloserStill is the envy of the events sector with over 50 major industry awards and since 2010, they have won more Exhibition Awards than any other company in the exhibition industry.

“the thought of not being involved in the sector would be extremely painful”

This includes the two most contested awards: seven ‘Best Trade Show Awards’ in the last seven years and eight ‘Best Marketing Campaign/Marketer Awards’ in the last 10 years.

CloserStill specialises in markets where independents are key and have successfully proven post-lockdown that trade events are still massively important with record-breaking numbers and huge successes for exhibitors across their current portfolios, including The Dentistry Show, The Pharmacy Show and The London Vet Show.

I have been out talking to many people in the industry and I know we want a successful trade show in the UK next year. I have lots of exciting brands already confirmed and many plans in place to ensure the most exciting trade show in years!