Q&A: TJDC reveals the display trends jewellery retailers need to know about


Professional Jeweller caught up with TJDC creative director, Camille Casteran, to discuss why displays are so important, and find out the trend retailers need to know about for AW17…

Why are displays so important?

Displays are very important for a number of reasons. First and foremost they complement the jewellery and present the pieces in their best light, the use of different colours for different type of stones for example is one of the detail that can truly make a difference. A good display is also an extension of your business identity and should reflect the values and aesthetic you wish to show to the world. In a more current context, it is also important to consider that more and more shoppers now purchase almost everything online, including fine jewellery. Therefore it has become essential to create the right visual setting in store to help secure that all important purchase decision.

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How have displays been evolving?

Looking back at the past five years, we have noticed a significant shift in the jewellery sector where even the most traditional jewellers want to break away from the display they have used for years to create something fresh and contemporary. One of the most sought after materials is luxurious plush suede which we have seen used everywhere, from prestigious Bond Street stores to major concessions such as Fenwicks and John Lewis. On another hand, more and more independent jewellery stores are reconsidering their approach and work to create their own unique identity, just like a brand would do. Retailers now look at their logo, packaging, display and store design as a whole and try to achieve continuity across all elements. The reason behind this is simple, creating a unique experience for the customer, something they will cherish and want to repeat.


What display trends do you predict will be popular for the AW17 season?

We like to look at various sources of inspiration and here at TJDC we always keep our creative brains switched on. Major trends tend to navigate across various industries and it is important to pick up on the early signs. One good example of this is the rise of marble in the past couple of years. While it may have started off in interior design, it quickly expanded to retail and is now incredibly popular in clothing, accessories and even nail designs! Our big prediction for this Autumn is Taupe, half way between grey and brown it is ideal to showcase jewellery, you may have already spotted it in your local B&Q: tiles, curtains, carpets, furniture you name it! Another big prediction for next year is our all time favourite Millennial Pink (yes that’s a thing!) announced by Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report as the colour scheme of the season. Needless to say, this got us pretty excited!!


How do you work closely with retailers to create a bespoke display?

The first and most important step is a good brief. Whether your plans are big or small, every bespoke commission starts with a conversation. We use this time to listen to our client’s needs and understand exactly what they hope to achieve. We’ll then chip in with some advice and suggestions of our own, which we can confidently offer with over 15 years of experience in the display business under our belt. Once we’ve all done our research and together, with the client, nailed exactly what needs to be done and how, that’s when we have our brief. A good brief means a good bespoke display and a happy customer, and as you can imagine we take immense pride in making our customers happy.


What’s the most important thing for retailers to think about when it comes to display?

Clutter is a thing of the past! Here at TJDC we are firm believers that less is more. On a regular basis we tell retailers to avoid trying to fit all their stock in the window hoping the customer will spot ‘the one’ and walk in to make the purchase. Instead you should focus on giving your best first impression and that whatever you put in the window is eye catching and reflects what customers will find inside, both in terms of style and price points. Another good tip is to ensure your display is refreshed regularly, creating seasonal window set ups with different focal areas through the year. Remember, you don’t want your store to just become part of the scenery!


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