Multimedia retailer QVC will develop its European reach and launch in France this summer, offering viewers a selection of jewellery brands including Clogau from August 1.

Ben Roberts, managing director at Clogau, explained: “It’s an honour to be launching with QVC France on the first day that the brand new TV channel begins broadcasting. Clogau have been chosen because of our consistent performance as a top UK brand on the French TV channel. Whilst QVC France might be small initially, just like QVC UK was once, we all have to start somewhere and I am keen to grow with QVC France.”


“Graham Stock and I are doing a show on August 1st and then another on the 9th which we’re both very excited about. The TV Channels generally like the guest presenter to be the owner/manager of the business as its believed that the person in this role can speak from the heart as they generally “live and breathe” the business, however in reality it’s just not practical for me to be able to do this or I’d be travelling all over the world doing a show every week, so that’s where Graham comes in.”

“I believe he speaks with the passion as I do and with Graham fronting our shopping channels in his usual flamboyant manner it leaves me free to run the business and watch QVC France’s customer database and coverage in France grow and as time progresses we’ll both see the benefit of building the relationship from the very beginning.

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