One of the men accused of being part of the Hatton Garden heist could not have been involved because he lacked any skill to offer the gang, the court heard Friday Jan 8 2015.

According to the BBC, Nick Corsellis, lawyer for Carl Wood, said an “inside man” must have been involved in the raid but his client lacked the expertise to be that man.

During his closing speech, Mr Corsellis told Woolwich Crown Court that the gang were “serious organised criminals” who had put a team together where “each member has to have a role”.


He used this as a defence for Wood concluding that this is one of the reasons he’s not guilty. Corsellis then asked the court what Wood would have bought to the table.

Mr Corsellis also argued that his client was not the man identified by the prosecution as ‘Man F’ in CCTV footage of the raid, stating: “Male F was actually a player. An inside man, or linked to the inside man, fully familiar with the inner workings of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit. Mr Wood lacked such knowledge and would have only been able to act as a ‘general dogsbody’.”

Mr Corsellis further asked the jury whether professional criminals would have been prepared to give up part of their millions to a person who would have only been an “extra pair of hands”.

Carl Wood, 58, William Lincoln, 60 and Jon Harbinson 42 deny conspiracy to burgle. Hugh Doyle, 48, denies conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property.

The trial continues.


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