Ralph Masri's collection includes hand carved floral designs.

Designer will take lace-inspired floral jewellery to IJL in September.

By Deepa Narwani

Ralph Masri has launched an eponymous jewellery label and has unveiled his debut fine jewellery collection titled A Trace of Lace, which will be showcased at IJL.


The feminine collection takes inspiration from Masri’s fascination with lace, which is reflected in hand-carved floral motifs and interwoven threads that decorate the jewellery.

Combined with a variety of rich coloured stones, from brown diamonds and blue sapphires to blood-red garnets and purple amethysts, set on a mix of gold and silver, the result is a combination of colours and shapes.

There are 30 pieces in the debut collection.23-year-old Masri is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and has had his work exhibited during London Jewellery Week and was nominated for a UK Jewellery Award 2010 in the category of Best Catwalk Jewellery.