Danish jewellery giant Pandora has climbed its way to the top of the fashion jewellery brand category for the second year running, this time scoring a reach ranking of 4,168, which surpasses every other company in the Reach List.

With Instagram followers doubling from one million to over two million in the last 12 months and Facebook likes soaring from 3,886,889 to 9,297,058, this is a brand that continues to understand its audience and engage with consumers regularly on social media channels.

Standard updates from Pandora include product sneak peeks, stylised model shots, GIFs, engaging comments, emotive campaign videos and competition initiatives, alongside large seasonal campaigns.


For Mother’s Day 2016 Pandora became the first UK-based retail brand to make use of Snapchat’s sponsored geofilter feature as the company invited fans to take a Snapchat with their Mum on Mother’s Day and add the exclusive geofilter which consisted of a branded Mothering Sunday message.


Pandora also offered users a chance to win a £500 shopping spree in its flagship store by asking fans to share their favourite selfie with the Pandora geofilter on Twitter using the hashtag #JustLikeMum and tagging @Pandora_UK in the post.

The Mother’s Day campaign is just one example of Pandora’s eagerness to experiment with rising digital tools and willingness to invest money into boosting sales and building relationships.

The future continues to look bright for the brand’s digital reach as Pandora has partnered with Google and SEO specialist Epiphany in what is a first-of-its-kind UK project to track the way search activity influences in-store footfall. Head of digital marketing and e-commerce at Pandora UK, Helen Harris, believes the project will shed valuable light on the journey that customers take online before purchasing products from the website or in store.

“This initial stage is about collecting the tracking data; the next stage will be about how we use this to our advantage to implement testing and optimise our digital marketing activities,” Helen Harris explains.top5-fashion-brands