REACH LIST 2016: Top five luxury brands


Tiffany & Co. was one of the first luxury jewellery companies to show diamonds have a place in the digital age and today the brand continues to reach more UK shoppers online than its competition.

Recent social ranking data from marketing consultancy Engagement Labs reveals that while many luxury brands are lagging when it comes to social media engagement Tiffany & Co, alongside Christian Louboutin and Valentino, outshines most high-end brands when it comes to connecting with consumers via digital forms.

In our jewellery industry-specific Reach List, Tiffany & Co ranked highest across the board in the luxury brands category. Leveraging a range of content including celebrity endorsements, user-generated content from fashion bloggers, promotions for new products and more, Tiffany & Co has nearly 9,000,000 likes on Facebook, 5 million Instagram followers and 1,400,000 fans on Twitter.

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Tiffany & Co has launched numerous digital marketing campaigns in the last 18 months including the popular  ‘Will You?’ video and most recently the  #LoveNotLike campaign, which ran throughout the summer and featured three well-known models. Honing in on the UK, Tiffany & Co’s dedicated UK website attracts 70% of its traffic from the market it has been set up to serve. According to Alexa, visitors to the site spend over three minutes browsing on average three pages per visit.

The number one search term that leads browsers to the site is “jewellery” (14.9%). This is followed by “Tiffany” (6.10%), “Tiffany rings” (5.12%), and “Tiffany and Co” (3.89%).

All in all Tiffany & Co has been praised by experts for its harmonious online voice, seamless journey from one channel to another, creative campaigns and responsiveness on social media. One brand researcher remarks: “Amidst the cacophony of noise and voice in the social media sphere, how Tiffany responds to online enquiries and trends could set it apart from its competitors.”top5-luxury-brands

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