Independent Lincoln-based jewellery retailer and Hot 100 2016 Retail Star John Greed has risen to the challenge of growing a business in an environment which continues to demand a strong digital presence.

In turn, the company has become one of the fastest growing jewellery businesses in the market and John Greed’s online strategy has certainly played a part in this.

The reach rankings for independent jewellers are naturally much lower than the big brands and online-specific retailers, however the importance of the reach number remains the same for each category.


With 20,000 followers on Twitter, 42,321 likes on Facebook and 1,449 fans on Instagram, John Greed understands how to engage with its customers online. The store’s social media feeds are packed with regular updates from brand promotions to strong stylised imagery enticing potential customers to ‘shop the look’.


The content on John Greed’s retail website also succeeds in appealing to customers, with visitors to the site staying around three to four minutes, browsing on average between three to four pages at a time.

Over a quarter of traffic to John Greed’s online store comes from search engines. Interestingly, the top five most popular search terms that guide browsers to the site include the word “Pandora” in them. These are in order: “Pandora jewellery”, “Pandora rings”, Pandora charms”, “Pandora men” and “John Greed Pandora”.

John Greed Jewellery founder John Greed comments: “We specialise in selling Pandora online but for the last 18 months we have invested a lot in developing other major jewellery fashion brands such as Swarovski and Nomination. This has paid off and we are now seeing a large uplift in sales of  these brands as well.”top5-independent-retailers