Luxury online jewellery marketplace has been going from strength-to-strength since its launch in 2012. Following some extensive rebrands, the specialist e-tailer now focuses on offering consumers fine jewellery from a wide variety of designers.

And, with customers becoming more comfortable purchasing high-end items online, the business has done no harm in positioning itself in the luxury sector.

While 71.8% of JewelStreet’s visitors are from within the UK, the company’s international sales have been steadily increasing. According to JewelStreet, over 28% of the e-tailer’s transactions in September came from the United States and a recent partnership with marketing agency, Accord, for the purposes of global expansion resulted in an instant increase in conversion rates.



The average time each visitor spends on JewelStreet is 44 minutes. This is more time than any other company in the reach list and, furthermore, those who do land on JewelStreet view on average 37 pages at a time.

Upon arriving on JewelStreet’s homepage visitors are greeted with a site that is effortless to navigate, easy on the eyes and modern in style. Continued investment into new technology, including the release of a new shopping cart and checkout, has proven popular with consumers. Elsewhere the company’s social media channels succeed in engaging with customers.

In the next 12 months JewelStreet is looking to launch local country websites into the Middle East, Latin America and some key Asian markets.

JewelStreet founder and chief executive officer, Rob Passmore, says: “Our aim this year is to focus on scaling our consumer base internationally whilst maintaining our tight curation to ensure the quality of our product selection remains second to none.”top5-specialist-etailers