REACH LIST 2017: Top five luxury brands

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Tiffany & Co. continues to win the battle for social influence in the luxury jewellery brand sector, with all social media channels securing a boost in traffic.

The iconic jewellery brand has always been a power player online, using the power of social media to drive sales and consumer awareness.

Like many brands, Tiffany & Co’s strongest social media platform is Facebook, securing over 9.5m likes to date. In second place the company’s Instagram has a following of 7.3m, while Twitter boasts of 1.6m. Tiffany & Co uses a lot of video content online, enticing followers with sneak peaks and lifestyle product shots. The brand also uses videos to introduce its latest muses and campaign faces. A look on the brand’s Instagram shows the company playing with a mixture of lifestyle snaps (with its jewellery pieces often snapped in iconic New York locations), modelled images from its advertising campaigns and posed product shots.

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Tiffany & Co also uses its trademark colour as its number one weapon online.

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The colour features regularly in its social media content, whether as a background colour or a blue border, and everywhere shoppers go on the brand’s website will feature ‘Tiffany Blue’. This is especially important for the mobile platform, with Tiffany’s VP of North American marketing, Catherine Lacaze, saying on an Advertising Week panel recently: “Blue 1837 is the iconic colour. Wherever [shoppers] go on mobile, we want them to feel the joy they’d feel when they get a blue box. One way or another,” she added, “we’ll follow you and remind you that you’re in the Tiffany world.”

By deploying its signature colour, the business is able to establish itself, and maintain its heritage, among a generation of consumers who are constantly attached to screens.

It also means that when shoppers are merely scrolling through their social media feeds, not looking for anything in particular, Tiffany & Co can be instantly recognised by just using a splash of its iconic blue.

On Google, ‘Tiffany UK’ is the third most searched for term which leads people to the brand’s website — with ‘Tiffany’ and ‘Jewellery’ driving more traffic. Alexa also reveals the majority of searches comes from women.



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