In a relatively short space of time, social media has dramatically changed the way companies do business, and auction houses are no exception. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow auction houses to reach a brand new audience, engage with the next generation of jewellery buyers, and be more playful and modern in their approach.

On Sotheby’s channels, which has secured the highest reach for the third consecutive year, enthusiasts are able to see photos and videos of new finds from the auction house.

Over the last 12 months 7,700 people have started following Sotheby’s on Twitter, whilst 125,910 have joined the company on Facebook, and 167,000 now follow on Instagram.


Social media platforms have particularly proven to be a success for showcasing jewels ahead of auctions.

In fact, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams have separate Instagram accounts for their jewellery, which to date have accrued 18.9K, 307K, and 97.4K respectively.

All of these Instagram channels have rapidly grown in a short space of time and command likes from loyal followers and jewellery enthusiasts.

Sotheby’s allows people to follow the auction house’s jewellery department around the world, with stories covering trade shows and highlighting jewellery specials. Images posted on this channel are of a very high quality, and really show diamonds and gemstones at their best. Due to this, and the nature of the pieces posted, they often receive 1,000+ likes, and comments.

Scrolling through the Instagram feed, it’s unsurprising the channel is so popular. For people who are not fortunate enough to travel the world and view striking pieces of jewellery and record-breaking gemstones, it gives them a window into the beauty of this sparkling industry.

On the other channels the auction house shares news, events, articles, and blogs, alongside images and videos of the pieces set to go under the hammer. Posts on Facebook are a lot more text heavy, with emotive details to help sell pieces, while Twitter is more refrained as the company has to stick to the channel’s character limit.

Whilst on the Sotheby’s website, visitors on average view four pages, and spend a total of 3 hours 43 browsing.