H Samuel has really made a name for itself in the UK. Whether it’s because the jeweller is present on nearly all major high streets, or it has become famed for its more affordable and accessible jewellery offering, most households have heard of this jeweller.

When it comes to the company’s digital reach, its well-known name continues to serve the business well.

According to similar web, over 74% of the jewellery retailer’s traffic comes from search engines. With its name ‘H Samuel’ being the number one key word.


And H Samuel is not alone in this.

For this particular category in the Reach List, the name of above the door and the brands stocked inside are responsible for driving some of the highest search traffic.

For H Samuel, Fraser Hart, F. Hinds and TH Baker, the company name comes up multiple times in the businesses’ top five search terms.
On social media, Facebook remains the key channel for H Samuel. Over the last 12 months, the jeweller’s Facebook page has secured over 23,500 more likes, bringing its total of followers on this platform to 112,280. On Twitter and Instagram, H Samuel has seen an increase of 3,300 and 6,852 followers respectively. What has the retail giant being doing to achieve such a rise?

A look on its social channels reveal H Samuel has just been doing more of the same, but ramping up its activity.

On Facebook, posts pull consumers in with competition offers and discount opportunities, while on Instagram the company has been playing with a new look that’s more fun, modern, and colourful — nodding to the younger consumers who use the app. H Samuel has also harnessed the power of Instagram Stories, which has become a great phenomenon since we last did our Reach List research.

Instagram Stories for H Samuel are placed in categories on its homepage such as ‘events’ and ‘just arrived’, where the jeweller has been promoting its new Harry Potter collection in creative ways.

Twitter hasn’t seen much change, but the jeweller has started posting motivational quotes from ‘Harriet Samuel’, the founder and inspiration behind H Samuel. All in all, the jeweller is very good at engaging with its followers. It asks questions, speaks their language, and makes posts interactive.