It’s fair to say Tiffany & Co has upped its game this year, with everything from the design of its stores, to the latest products and campaigns, reflecting the next generation.

As sales slowed last year, the American jewellery firm’s chief executive officer said he would not be satisfied until growth reflected the “full potential of the brand”, and the business has come back fighting ever since.

For the launch of its Paper Flowers collection, Tiffany & Co painted New York City in its trademark colour, making its whole hometown an ‘Instagrammable’ moment for everyone there at the time. While fans could share their own pics and videos from the innovative stunt, Tiffany also created campaign videos centred on the iconic moment Audrey Hepburn’s character stands in front of a Tiffany window with a coffee and croissant in the 1961 classic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.


To prepare for the campaign on social media the brand deleted all of its Instagram images, and started posting black and white teasers before unveiling its New York splash. Once launched, the videos and images went viral, accumulating 52.3K likes for the first picture of the stunt on Instagram, and 108K views for the first video.

With such an innovative campaign, and lots of exciting content for consumers to share, its little wonder Tiffany’s social media channels have experienced an increase in followers since we last looked.

The iconic jewellery brand has always been a power player online, and continues to win the battle for social influence in the luxury jewellery sector.

Like many brands, Tiffany’s strongest social media platform is Facebook, securing over 10m likes to date.

While the brand went all out for the Paper Flowers launch, it often uses a lot of video content, and exclusive images, to engage and excite its online followers.

Content is very up to date and modern, yet stays true to its iconic identity.

On top of curated content, Tiffany shares posts from brand events, and images of celebrities hitting the red carpet in its jewels. It also promotes the sustainability of the brand, alongside charitable initiatives. Really, there’s never a dull moment on Tiffany’s social channels, and posts by the brand are instantly recognisable by the consistent use of its trademark colour.