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REACH LIST 2018: Top five specialist e-tailers


While many former online-only jewellery firms are now expanding into stores and showrooms, the top two companies in this year’s Reach List have not ventured into the bricks and mortar business.

The top two specialist e-tailers are Watch Shop and The Diamond Store, showing both fashion and fine jewellery can make a big impact online.

Watch Shop was at the top of the charts last year, when it firsts entered our Reach List due to the company adding jewellery to its portfolio.

Today, the business has 229,517 likes on Facebook, 20,200 followers on Twitter, and 5,187 fans in Instagram.
Interestingly, the online jewellery giant has actually lost Facebook followers this year, but Twitter has gained 100 more and Instagram has seen larger growth.

When our sister publication, WatchPro, did the Reach List, it concluded that Watch Shop has the greatest digital reach in the watch retail industry. The retailer does stock more watches than jewellery, and its online social media campaigns certainly back this. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, the company hasn’t pushed its jewellery at all in the last couple of months — with the majority of jewellery mentions forming part of a watch promotion post. Instagram offers a bit more of a balance, but watch posts still outweigh jewellery ones.

Looking for inspiration from a predominantly jewellery-only online retailer, we spoke to The Diamond Store, which has taken over Gemporia in the reach ranking.

Over the last year The Diamond Store has been researching how today’s consumers shop — and what that means for an online business.
For instance, the old adage ‘men buy, women shop’, how can an e-tailer work with that?

The Diamond Store chief executive officer, Gary Ingram, explains: “The saying ‘men buy, women shop’ is highly relevant in the ecommerce environment today. Males and females shop differently online. Men want information at their fingertips to make a quick buying decision, whereas women look for a shopping experience that is as close as possible to a ‘real life’ shopping environment, through images, videos and social media interaction.”


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