Many working in the auction house sector would never have guessed that one day the internet would play such an important role — let alone social media!

Today though, just like any retail business, an auction house needs a digital platform in order to grow and secure its future.

While for jewellers with a physical store nothing can bring a piece to life more than showing it in a showroom where it can be felt and tried on for auction houses social media has paved the way for people to view products like never before.


For many who are unable to get to a location where the products are being shown, digital platforms allow them to get to know a piece as best they can without seeing it with their own eyes

All the auction houses have been upping their social media game lately, with many experiencing a lift in likes and followers and seeing business grow through an effective digital strategy.

However, in the race to have the highest reach Sotheby’s leads the way.

Since compiling last year’s Reach List, Sotheby’s has gained over 60,000 new Facebook fans, while Instagram followers have increased from 707K to 722K over the last 12 months.

The auction house remains regularly active on social media, always keeping channels up-to-date and embracing new ways of curating content.

On Instagram, Sotheby’s uses ‘Stories’ to allow people to feel like they are part of an auction preview from the comfort of their own homes, and promotes its big ticket items.

Sotheby’s even has a separate Instagram account just for jewellery, which, any jewellery lover should follow! A hero piece posted recently includes a striking 80.88ct emerald diamond, which looks exceptional in the video shared by the auction house.

Sotheby’s uses a mixture of videos and photos to bring products to life, and plays around with lifestyle shots and stills to ensure each piece is showcased as best it can on a screen.

Over on Facebook, Sotheby’s builds excitement and interacts with followers.

Posts by the auction house can attract over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Sotheby’s gets 32% of its traffic from the United States, and then the second most important country is the United Kingdom, which drives 16% of traffic — a number, according to Similar Web, that keeps on growing.