Tiffany & Co continues to command the highest digital reach in the luxury jewellery brand category.

The American business has been on a mission to increase brand awareness and attract the next generation of luxury shoppers, with digital marketing playing a key part in the strategy for this.

During the last 12 months Tiffany & Co has gradually increased its reach on Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram has seen the most significant increase with 10.9m accounts now following the brand on this platform.


As part of the brand’s strategy for growth, chief executive officer, Alessandro Bogliolo, says the business is prioritising innovations across products, communication, and the customer experience online.

A focus for 2019 has been on sharing the ‘sustainable luxury’ message, while the US online shop has been bolstered with the addition of engagement rings for the very first time.

Despite not being able to buy engagement rings from the UK site, shoppers can now discover more about the diamond’s journey from mine to finger and play around with customisable settings to find the right piece at the right price. From there, consumers can either book an appointment to see the design or talk to a diamond expert online to gain further assistance.

Other personalisation touches have also been added to the website, including engraving and blue box embossing.

The most recent expert studies on Tiffany’s digital marketing strategy highlight that the brand has managed to stay consistent, while at the same time introducing change.

A study by marketing firm, CMD, says: “They [Tiffany & Co] know that their most loyal followers need to feel valued, and want to stay up-to-the-minute on the latest company news, trends and products. Tiffany & Co obliges with a steady stream of top-notch content for their fans to consume… Tiffany has mastered the art of giving the audience just enough to leave them wanting more.

“They also know that there’s a lot of noise competing for their audience’s attention, so their message and imagery are varied, and the delivery changes based on which platform they are creating content for. In any given week on Instagram, for example, their audience is treated to an animated GIF promoting a new hashtag campaign, a video showcasing a new product and a sketch promoting a new partnership.”

As a business, Tiffany is not afraid to experiment with new ways of engaging with the customer in-store or online.