The Professional Jeweller 2015 Reach List presents to you the top 5 online players for the fashion brands category.

The top 5 digital doyen fashion brands are as follows:

  1. Pandora

Facebook likes: 3,886,889


Twitter followers: 140,000

Instagram followers: 1,000,000

Alexa UK ranking: 1,767

Reach ranking: 2,844


  1. Swarovski

Facebook likes: 3,525,449

Twitter followers: 206,000

Instagram followers: 633,000

Alexa UK ranking: 4,302

Reach ranking: 1,014


  1. Thomas Sabo

Facebook likes: 938,204

Twitter followers: 15,700

Instagram followers: 93,600

Alexa UK ranking: 12,421

Reach ranking: 84


  1. Links of London

Facebook likes: 105,604

Twitter followers: 18,700

Instagram followers: 14,600

Alexa UK ranking: 6,781

Reach ranking: 20


  1. Monica Vinader

Facebook likes: 155,022

Twitter followers: 9,774

Instagram followers: 88,500

Alexa UK ranking: 17,889

Reach ranking: 14

With a reach ranking that dwarfs not only the brands in its own category but every other company on the Reach List, is our top fashion jewellery brand online, Pandora.

With more than 1 million followers on Instagram and Facebook likes cruising towards 4 million, this is a brand that knows how to engage with its customers online. Its social media feeds are packed with regular updates that vary from slick brand videos to amateur pictures posted to its walls by happy customers.

The content on the jewellery brand’s site also succeeds in engaging customers, with visitors to the site spending an average of 5.26 minutes, according Alexa, browsing an average of fi ve pages.

Pandora is a truly global brand, which will go a long way towards an impressive reach ranking. The US is its top market, accounting for more than 20% of all tra_ c, and other important countries are Russia, Italy and Germany.

The Professional Jeweller Reach List has been skewed in a way to focus on a brand’s importance in the UK cyberspace; dividing up all those juicy worldwide social media numbers by a brand’s main website’s UK ranking. If a website does not generate enough traffic to have a UK Alexa ranking then they were not included in the list.

The UK, it turns out, is in fact a very important online market for Pandora. After the US it generates the largest percentage of traffic to Pandora’s website at 10%. Peter Andersen, president of Pandora Western Europe, confirms that the UK is a key market for the brand. “During the second quarter, we have seen the ongoing growth of the brand within the UK,” he said recently.