The Professional Jeweller 2015 Reach List presents to you the top 5 online players from the high street chains category.

The top 5 digital doyen high street chains are as follows:

  1. H Samuel

Facebook likes: 71,707


Twitter followers: 22,300

Instagram followers: 1,701

Alexa UK ranking: 1,757

Reach ranking: 54


2. Ernest Jones

Facebook likes: 51,501

Twitter followers: 20,500

Instagram followers: 2,659

Alexa UK ranking: 2,870

Reach ranking: 26


3. Goldsmiths

Facebook likes: 40,031

Twitter followers: 8,810

Instagram followers: 1,315

Alexa UK ranking: 2,710

Reach ranking: 18


4. Beaverbrooks

Facebook likes: 33,547

Twitter followers: 12,300

Instagram followers: 1,934

Alexa UK ranking: 3,812

Reach ranking: 12


5. Argento

Facebook likes: 29,445

Twitter followers: 3,751

Instagram followers: 1,141

Alexa UK ranking: 12,005

Reach ranking: 2

When you think of pioneering online brands with cutting-edge marketing strategies and a dedicated pack of fans online, you are probably not imagining H Samuel; but the Signet-owned high street retailer has in fact been cleaning up online, achieving a reach ranking that is far higher than any of its contemporaries.

This e-tail dark horse has been quietly gaining a strong following across its social media sites. Its strongest platform is Facebook, where it has amassed more than 70,000 likes. Its chatty stream of product previews, sale notifications and invites to in-store events attract likes and comments from followers, and any negative comments about customer service issues are answered swiftly and in a warm, personable manner.

While Signet Group does not split out its total online sales within its quarterly reports, neither geographically or by store, e-tail is clearly of growing importance to the business. Online sales at the group totalled US$65.9 million (£42.6m) in Q2, up 30% on the previous year. This followed off the back of a 98.7% year-on-year rise to US$76.9 million (£49.7m) in Q1.

Traffic to H Samuel’s website is mostly domestic, as you would expect, with 75% of visitors clicking through from the UK. The average time spent on the site by any one visitor in a day is four-and-a-half minutes, with an average of three and a half page views in that time.

One interesting quirk in the list of search terms that lead shoppers to the site is the fourth most popular, which generates 2% of traffic. It’s “www.h”; which goes to show what a fantastic job H Samuel has done of clawing its way up the Google rankings.