The Professional Jeweller 2015 Reach List presents to you the top 5 online players from the independent retailers category.

The top 5 digital doyen independent retailers are as follows:

  1. Mococo

Facebook likes: 33,083


Twitter followers: 1,984

Instagram followers: 1,958

Alexa UK ranking: 51,979

Reach ranking: 0.7


2. Hugh Rice

Facebook likes: 18,470

Twitter followers: 6,398

Instagram followers: 1,361

Alexa UK ranking: 61,257

Reach ranking: 0.43


3. Swag

Facebook likes: 30,173

Twitter followers: 1,351

Instagram followers: 370

Alexa UK ranking: 76,654

Reach ranking: 0.42


4. Rox

Facebook likes: 13,994

Twitter followers: 3,810

Instagram followers: 5,734

Alexa UK ranking: 62,723

Reach ranking: 0.37


5. Steffans

Facebook likes:

Twitter followers:

Instagram followers:

Alexa UK ranking:

Reach ranking:

Mococo has been busy making a name for itself on the high street with its chic interiors, wide brand selection and signature royal purple colour schemes, and it would seem that its brand reach has been extending online too.

The reach rankings for independent jewellers are naturally much lower than the global luxury brands or dedicated e-tailers, but the premise is exactly the same – the higher the number, even by a fraction of a point, the further the reach.

Click on to Mococo’s home page and you’ll find a video showing close up views of Pandora charms, slowly revolving through a set of carefully chosen angles with an invitation to discover the autumn/winter collection. As for many independent retailers, Pandora is big business for Mococo and so it has wisely chosen to make this brand the very first that shoppers will see. A quick glance at the images underneath will lead you to curated sections, such as bracelets or watches, as well as a subtle listing of its other key brands.

Mococo’s website, which is fully transactional, was redeveloped at the end of last year, following a 314% increase in web sales. The investment seems to have paid off, with Alexa reporting that page views per visitor are up, as is the average time they are spending on the site, and the bounce rate is dropping. The actual stats are pretty phenomenal – nine pages per visitor and an average time of nearly 11 minutes.

The traffic is mostly domestic, with nearly 90% from the UK. As for what’s lead them there, it’s mostly brand names – but not its hero brand Pandora. While just 10% of visits come through search engines, nearly 80% of those are led by a search for silver brand Chlobo, which surfers will be happy to discover is ready to buy when they land on the site.