The Professional Jeweller 2015 Reach List presents to you the top 5 online players for the luxury brand category.

The top 5 digital doyen luxury brands are as follows:

  1. Tiffany & Co

Facebook likes: 7,932,732


Twitter followers: 1,200,000

Instagram followers: 2,800,000

Alexa UK ranking: 4,588

Reach ranking: 2,600


  1. Cartier

Facebook likes: 3,488,322

Twitter followers: 306,000

Instagram followers: 1,800,000

Alexa UK ranking: 11,171

Reach ranking: 500


  1. Chopard

Facebook likes: 817,061

Twitter followers: 113,000

Instagram followers: 538,000

Alexa UK ranking: 76,747

Reach ranking: 19


  1. De Beers

Facebook likes: 84,963

Twitter followers: 36,600

Instagram followers: 32,700

Alexa UK ranking: 55,457

Reach ranking: 2.7


  1. Graff

Facebook likes: 36,456

Twitter followers: 5,980

Instagram followers: 249,000

Alexa UK ranking: 120,118

Reach ranking: 2.4

Tiffany & Co was one of the fist luxury jewellery brands to truly embrace online and its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in this sphere has never wavered, with a slick website and constantly tended social media accounts.

Tiffany & Co now has dedicated versions of its site tailored to 13 countries and sells a wide range of jewellery from entry level silver designs to high jewellery pieces costing tens of thousands of pounds.

There are also some jewels on the site that remain POA, such as the its coveted and extortionate Blue Book jewels. Visitors are, however, most certainly encouraged to buy into the dream of these jewels not yet available for online purchase. Sketches, videos and quotes from the designers are packaged together for viewing pleasure.

Tiffany & Co’s dedicated UK website attracts 73% of its traffic from the market it has been set up to serve. Visitors to the site spend an average of four minutes browsing nearly the same number of pages, and the site has more than 1,000 other sites linking in to it.

About a third of traffic to Tiffany & Co’s UK site comes from search engines. The top five most popular search terms that lead browsers to the site are, in order: “jewellery”, “Tiffany”, “Tiffany necklace”, “Tiffany ring” and “diamond rings”.

What Tiffany & Co has managed to do so successfully is recreate the full little-bluebox experience online, which has not only led to a well traversed website, but also a highly engaged social media following.

Tiffany & Co has been busy throwing back the curtains, revealing its once hidden world of luxury jewellery, on platforms such as Instagram – on which it has nearly 3 million followers and is ranked by research firm L2 as the site’s most active watch and jewellery brand.

As well as posting images, Tiffany & Co has created a number of videos for its online platforms, with some working better than others. According to a comparison study carried out by L2 in summer this year, Tiffany & Co’s top performing video on Facebook at the time was a moving close up of an engagement ring. Despite only being viewed 127,000 times, it delivered an 18% engagement rate with followers. In comparison, its Will You?  thematic campaign video attracted a far higher 1.7 million views but only generated 2% engagement.