Retailers Rox take over the pages of PJ for a guest edited issue.

The January issue of Professional Jeweller and WatchPro, guest edited by Grant Mitchell and Kyron Keogh of Scottish jewellers Rox, is now available to read online as a digital magazine.

The digital issue offers readers the chance to browse the magazines, read the full articles and download pages with ease.


This very special guest edited issue of Professional Jeweller is packed with features including an in-depth feature on Scotgold’s plans for a Scottish goldmine, an exclusive interview with Clive Ranger boss Richard Slack, a feature on what jewellery retailers can learn from the fashion industry and stores like Asos, advice from Carol Bagnall at HSBC on international trading, a guide on how high street retailers can fight back against online by creating stores people want to spend time in and trends analysis from Adorn Insight on mixed materials in jewellery.

In the January issue of WatchPro, also edited by Keogh and Mitchell, you can find an analysis of the future of ToyWatch and an interview with its UK brand director Gavin Foster, an analysis of the rising fortunes of watch auctions from Swatches to high-end one-off masterpieces, a column by watch marketing man-at-large Laurie Milne on his latest adventure setting up a charity and a review of the I’m Watch that is hoping to become the smart phone of the watch world.

Guest editors Keogh and Mitchell held full sway over the features list of this month’s issue and set the agenda for the magazine, even down to selecting the products featured on the watch and jewellery new product pages and interviewing Slack in an insightful Q&A.

You can find out exactly what the Rox founders think of each article by looking for their editors’ notes bubble that is located on each feature.

Professional Jeweller has started a tradition of inviting a guest editor to take over each January issue and shaping it to reflect the industry topics that they feel are important. Last year the magazine invited world-renowned jewellery designer Shaun Leane to put on his editor’s hat for an issue that he dedicated to the presentation of jewellery as an art form.

Professional Jeweller editor-in-chief Rachael Taylor said: “Last year we were very lucky to have Shaun create a beautiful issue for us full of intricate designs and discussion on the blurring lines between jewellery and art. For this year’s guest editor issue I wanted to change tack and ask someone with a strong retail business so that the issue would have a different feel yet again, and we were incredibly fortunate to get our first choice of Grant and Kyron of innovative Scottish jewellery retailer Rox.

“Grant and Kyron have filled the issue with subjects they feel are vital to cutting-edge retailers – store experiences, new business opportunities, fashion-forward methods – and it has given us a completely different product to last year.

“A guest editor in January is a great tradition that we hope to keep up as it gives us the chance to hand the reins to someone else and so offer something completely different to our readers. The big decision now is who to choose for the 2013 issue.”

Click here for a link to the January digital edition of Professional Jeweller and WatchPro. If it is the first time you have read the magazines online, you may be asked to enter an email address.