Pawnbroker and financial services specialist H&T Group has reported that its jewellery and watch sales have been the most successful area of the business since non-essential retail was permitted to reopen in England in April 2021.

In an interview with Proactive Investors, H&T Group chief executive, Chris Gillespie, revealed that after a difficult first four months to 2021, during which the company had to rely on click-and-collect and online orders, its jewellery and watch sales have bounced back.

“Restrictions lifted mid-April,” he told Proactive Investors in a video interview, “and since then performance has been really, really strong.


“The real story for us is retail jewellery and watch sales outperforming [sic], and have been pretty consistently since the end of April.”

The chief executive was also able to reveal that more store openings will follow, and sooner rather than later.

He said: “As of now [this year] we’ve opened four new stores. We’ve got a few more coming down the pipeline for later in the year.” This, Gillespie said, was to cover some of the areas where H&T Group does not have a strong enough presence.

Finally, he informed Proactive, the company has also “refreshed and updated” its two websites.