A piece that broke the world record for the most diamonds set in one ring has had its value placed at $4.9 million (£4.6m).

The ring, which holds 7,777 diamonds on an 18ct gold base and was built to resemble the Lotus Temple in Delhi, was created by Lakshikaa Jewels in Mumbai.

The piece has officially been given the Guiness World Record for the most amount of diamonds on one piece.


The project was headed up by Naveen ‘Prince’ Bhandari, the founder of Lakshikaa Jewels’, and involved a team of twelve crafters and an experienced jeweller and designer.

Bhandari says: “I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate human ingenuity and spirituality than this temple,” adding that the lotus, known as padma in Sanskrit, it a sacred symbol in several religions, adding to the sense of unity behind the design.

He continues: “Guinness World Records means international recognition. As a jewellery house, Lakshikaa Jewels aims to make an international name for itself. The record title is an acknowledgement of our craftsmanship, design and capabilities. It’s truly an honour to have received this title. We hope our feat inspires other jewellery designers to create newer records and establish greater achievements.

“India has a long and rich history of jewellery-making. Our Maharajas and Maharanis would hire the best artists of their time to create jewellery worthy of their stature. Since then, Indians have inherited a fondness for jewellery and an eye for craftsmanship, which is unparalleled in the world.”

In accordance with Guinness World Records’s rules, all diamonds that were used in the production of the ring were conflict free.