Futuristic smartphone tech pings adverts directly to customer devices.

Regent Street is set to become Europe’s first shopping street to use pioneering mobile technology to send personalised content and adverts to consumers while they browse.

The Crown Estate, which is regenerating the mile-long stretch of shops, said retailers will be able to install beacons that connect to shoppers’ devices via Bluetooth technology (as long as the shopper has downloaded the synchronised app).


This would allow content, adverts, promotions and other customer-luring tools to be sent to consumer phones while they walk down Regent Street – effectively catching them before they walk past or ignore the store.

Although the technology has been trialled before by a handful of retailers, this is the first time it will be used on such a massive scale.

As well as providing content, the app will develop a profile for each shopper so that the content they receive is tailored to their individual preferences.

David Shaw, head of the Crown Estate’s Regent Street portfolio said: “This is a fantastic example of how Regent Street is continuing to evolve as the world’s most successful shopping destination, bringing together online, physical and now mobile retailing to provide an experience which delivers across all of the platforms that appeal to 21st century shoppers.”

UK General Manager of Longchamp, Paul Lorraine, said: “Success in retail in the 21st century is strongly linked to how you engage your customers in store and online. Regent Street already has a reputation as being the place to be for brands like ours and the new mobile app will bring the digital and physical together, providing an exciting new way for us to speak to our customers.”

The Crown Estate is spending £1bn regenerating Regent Street. The app is being introduced in conjunction with the Regent Street Association, which represents retailers.