Relief efforts are now underway after a devastating fire ripped through a small Fairtrade mining community in Peru.

Cred Jewellery, which helped with the accreditation of the site in May, is now leading an effort to support those who’ve lost everything.

The village of Macdesa is 600km south of Lima, Peru. In less than 30 minutes the village, school and its livestock were completely destroyed.


At around 1pm local time on Saturday July 4 a fire spread through the village with around 300 homes affected. Fortunately, no serious injuries have been reported.

Villagers are now sheltering in the local church and the few remaining houses, while water is being supplied by local villages. The Fairtrade mine in the area is providing meals.

Although mining equipment was not damaged, Cred Jewellery and the wider Fairtrade community are understandably concerned about the community and the set-back this will cause.

Cred Jewellery has set up a relief fund with a £25,000 target.

To donate to the fund please click here. 

Images of the devastation can be seen below…

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