A serial burglar has been found guilty of the burglary of a Southport jewellers, which saw the man and accomplices tunnel into the store through some stairs.

The Liverpool Echo reported that Darren Tynan fled the scene with more than £125,000 worth of loot before embarking on a series of other burglaries over the coming weeks.

The thief was already serving four years for the other nine burglaries and one attempted burglary, but now Liverpool Magistrates’ Court has heard his guilty plea for this earlier crime.


The Liverpool Echo, reporting on the case, revealed that the prosecuting Elle Battle-Kennedy said: “The defendant was identified through crime scene evidence and links from CCTV in the local area, and a local taxi that picked them up.”

When Professional Jeweller reported on the crime when it took place in February 2019, it was revealed that display cabinets in the shop were smashed.

The owner of Rebecca Antiques and Jewellery, a Mr Sprang, described the incident as “devastating”.

Tynan is expected to receive his sentence in mid-January 2021.