When Grant Mitchell and Kyron Keogh launched ROX, they did so with an ambition to add ‘diamonds and thrills’ to an industry it felt was lacking the sparkling customer service it deserved.

The concept saw the duo hone in on hospitality, and become leaders in offering a memorable customer experience way before ‘retail-tainment’ became a buzzword.

And this goes beyond the physical store. The pair have ensured the experience is second to none across all of its platforms, with investment in digital innovations and social media.


Recently ROX Jewellers has been on a mission to be present in every major city, with new stores opening in Manchester and Liverpool over the last couple of years.

And as retail has evolved, so has the ‘diamonds and thrills’ concept, with a new (and third) boutique in Glasgow really showing what these business owners can do.

Located in the iconic Argyll Arcade, the new space not only houses the retailer’s signature champagne bar and private shopping areas, it also encompasses a whisky and cigar bar alongside a ROX cafe.

Furthermore, an exhibition space allows Rox to enhance its customer events offer and a workshop area brings shoppers even closer to the craftsmanship that goes into every piece of jewellery on the shop floor.

Business has been strong for ROX Jeweller as well, with the company reporting sales of £14.9 million in the latest financial year.




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