David M Robinson had much to celebrate last year. Not only did 2019 mark 50 years in business, but the jeweller also continued to record profit and sales growth, all the while opening an impressive revamped flagship in Manchester.

John Robinson has been involved in the business since he was just ten years old… although obviously not in a leadership capacity.

At first the now managing director spent time in the workshops with his dad; often running repairs between the two stores which David M Robinson had in Liverpool at the time.


“Not very glamorous but very good grounding,” Robinson says of his roots. “I would sit alongside the goldsmiths and watch in awe — mesmerised by the flames, the heat and the noise.”

Robinson went on to spend the school holidays working in the stores. When he was old enough, he headed to the States to work in the restaurant business, before spending time in Antwerp at Backes & Strauss, followed by studying for his MBA at Manchester Business School.“I guess after all that my Dad felt I had earned the right to work formally with him. I’m genuinely glad he never encouraged me to work on the bench, I just don’t have the skill, the talent, nor the patience.”

During his time at the helm John Robinson has helped elevate the luxury side of the business. The well-respected jewellery store has seen an increased appetite for high-value goods among its clientele and met these demands with a best in class customer service.