David Mellor Jewellers might not be as sizeable as some of the companies in this list, but in its 45 years it has amassed a portfolio of three well-respected Hampshire stores.

This year, though, has seen the company frantically working to increase its online presence as physical retail shut down for months at a time due to Covid restrictions in England.

Discussing Amy Mellor and the business’s whirlwind 2020, Pooja Sahny of Sierra Consultancy describes her tireless efforts to up the jeweller’s social media marketing and e-commerce efforts.


This has been a common theme for many an independent retailer since the pandemic, but Amy’s positivity has not waned since 23 March last year, says Pooja.

Speaking to PJ earlier this year, Amy said of David Mellor’s December financial performance: “Despite the circumstances, we saw a 4.76% increase to our store turnover for that month alone.”

On top of that, the online store saw 117% growth through the winter. It seems Amy’s e-commerce and social media efforts paid off after all.

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