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Leicester jeweller Lumbers has not had the easiest roll of the dice since the pandemic, falling victim to the first of England’s local lockdowns after refitting the shop specially to adhere to social distancing rules.

Largely unperturbed by the additional weeks of lockdown, however, the business turned down reopening grants from the council when the time finally came, instead opting for the money to go towards general advertising for Leicester’s high streets.

And guiding the business through all of this was a woman who owner and managing director Dominic Gomersall calls “the unseen star of Lumbers”.


Company director, Michelle Dilley, has been loyal to Lumbers for more than two decades.

“Whether it is the strategic planning, buying, advertising, website management, merchandising or client relationships, Michelle handles everything for the continual growth and success of this business,” says Gomersall. “Nothing is too much to ask.”

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