Anna Blackburn has had quite the career with Beaverbrooks. Since her humble beginnings on the shop floor over 20 years ago, she has worked her way up through the ranks to become chief executive officer in 2013, and most recently managing director when she was welcomed onto the family-run jeweller’s board.

Blackburn is only the second person from outside the founding families of Beaverbrooks to have earned a seat on the board – and there is no questions about it – this was a truly deserved honour.

In the six years since taking over as chief executive officer, turnover for the national jeweller has increased by around 20% and, more significantly, operating profit has doubled.


Furthermore, she has been leading the charge during some of the most profitable years in the history of Beaverbrooks.

The national jeweller is renowned for being a great company to work for. As a testament to this, Beaverbrooks has for 16 consecutive years featured in The Sunday Times’ list of best companies to work for.

This year, alongside being named the 10th Best Company to Work for in the UK, Blackburn received recognition for her leadership.

Blackburn frequently runs focus groups to check in with her staff and hear their thoughts on the business. She is a firm believer in making sure everyone feels connected and valued, and that they also see opportunities for growth and development during their time at the firm.