Harry Brown is overseeing one of the fastest-growing watch and jewellery empires in the UK right now.

Turnover at Chisholm Hunter has surged from around £16 million in 2012 to over £36 million last year — growth that has come from intelligent acquisition of key retail locations both north of the border in the company’s Scottish homeland, and also as far south as Bluewater in Kent.

The company has come a long way since Harry Brown purchased it in 1993. Founded in 1857 on Chisholm Street, Chisholm Hunter first opened its doors in Victorian Glasgow. Originally known as the ‘store of 10,000 wonders’, the shop enjoyed early success stocking an eclectic array of rare treasures, including fine jewellery and precious gems, but the company’s fortunes turned when it suffered the effects of the Great Depression and the First and Second World Wars. After the wars, Chisholm Hunter continued to operate from Glasgow, but business remained a challenge until Harry Brown took it on.


With an abiding passion for the most beautiful diamonds, Brown immediately set about reviving the company by streamlining the business to become a specialist diamond merchant. With Brown, a gemmologist, overseeing every step of the fabrication process, from the rough diamond to the finished piece of jewellery, Chisholm Hunter began to flourish.

It has now grown to become a leader in the UK jewellery market, with 24 stores and counting.