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RETAIL TITANS: Simon Walton, managing director, Berry’s


Berry’s wasn’t born overnight, but it certainly grew at an impress rate. In fact, there was a season of about a decade where the jeweller opened a new store every year.

While retail launches have slowed for the time being, Berry’s has ambitious expansion plans with a store due to open this summer.

Now in its fourth generation, Berry’s was founded in 1897 by managing director, Simon Walton’s, great grandfather, who ran just one shop in Leeds. Today it dominates the luxury jewellery market in the north of England with its nine stores.

Simon Walton joined the business 30 years ago, and has been heavily involved in its growth, alongside his father, Jeffrey Walton, who is now the company’s chairman.

Together they have a wealth of experience in jewellery, watches, and retail, but what sets them apart is how often they work on the shop floor.

Simon Walton is not above taking in a repair, pouring a glass of bubbly for a customer, or putting in the hard work needed to seal a deal.

With a desire to get stuck in and be part of the team, Walton has made Berry’s a great place to work and the company to has an extremely small turnover of staff.

During his time at the helm Simon Walton has expanded the company’s footprint, helped the business embrace the digital age, and overseen the extension and luxurious revamping of the Leeds flagship.

Most recently, Berry’s has secured its two highest sales on record.


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