Tobias Kormind is our only Retail Titan with a predominantly online-only business.

When discussing how to do online retail well, 77 Diamonds is the company UK jewellers refer to most.

But what many don’t realise is that 77 Diamonds has nailed omni-channel retail as well.


While the company started out as online-only, it now champions bricks and clicks with showrooms in the UK and Europe.

It’s safe to say, Tobias Kormind has been a game changer in the British jewellery industry since the inception of 77 Diamonds which took the industry by storm in 2005.

Having spent more than a decade driving the company to become Europe’s largest online retailer of certified diamond jewellery, the last 12 months have become specifically poignant for 77 Diamonds.

As part of the expansion plans, a second showroom was opened in Manchester to cater for the growing demand of customers wishing to view jewellery prior to purchase in the UK. Furthermore, an additional showroom in Frankfurt in Germany was opened to help grow and solidify 77 Diamond’s position in the European market. Extra overseas development was also supported by new websites in both the French and German languages.

2018 also saw 77 Diamonds secure its largest annual turnover to date — an achievement that has helped the firm expand its physical retail presence and double the size of its central London workshop.