Award-winning UK jewellery brand, Raw Pearls, has been supporting its partners at in-store events in order to strengthen the relationship between retailers and suppliers.

This year, brand has attended a number of events held by its retail customers over the festive period. These have included Jacobs the Jeweller’s Christmas charity event, one of Gatwards of Hitchin’s popular ‘Gin & Gemstones’ evenings, and PSJ Jewellers Sherborne’s Valuation Day.

Director of Raw Pearls, Miranda Raw, explains: “Retailers and their suppliers, like us, must work together to discover ways to grow our business models to better incorporate experience on the back of this ever-evolving retail environment.”


Raw Pearls aims to build deeper, longer-term partnerships with its retail customers, including family businesses, just like them. The pearl jewellery brand offers a range of services to support their clients including event support, pearl education and product photography.

“In a world where retail is moving increasingly online, connecting face-to-face with shoppers still holds value and retailers with bricks and mortar stores must take advantage of this,” continues Miranda Raw.

In Deloitte’s Retail Trends 2018 article, the group focus on the changing nature of high street retail. One of the key themes on their hit-list is ‘be more than a store’. Here the group notes: “Experience is more important than ever, and stores need to be more than just places to transact”.

To help jewellers with this Raw Pearls will also be announcing some news soon regarding a new service for its retail customers.