Retailers can use social media to counteract the ‘ringflation’ effect

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Jewellery retailer EC One has found a way of using social media to counteract the fears put in men’s minds from the ‘ringflation’ effect.

It has long been tradition for the man to propose to their partner with a beautiful engagement ring. However, recent reports around the ‘ringflation’ effect suggest that celebrities flaunting their lavish rings on social media has led to a decline in men purchasing rings prior to proposing, through fear of not choosing the ‘perfect ring’.

Recent media coverage of both Pippa Middleton and Miranda Kerr’s diamond engagement rings has sparked social media activity as users mimic celebrities’ stylised posts. However, as seen by 77 Diamonds, retailers can use this to impact sales.

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77 Diamonds saw an increase in consumers searching for Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings, and reacted to this by introducing more Asscher-cut designs.

Similarly, EC One has used the modern-day digital behaviors to help consumers be more confident in picking out the perfect ring for the person they want to propose to.

“I’m really happy to say that we are seeing more and more of our bespoke customers buying the right ring because social media really helps,” explains EC One co-founder Jos Skeates. “Partners buying rings now have visibility of their other halves’ social media accounts, including Pinterest and Instagram, allowing us to pick up on heavy clues that have been dropped, thanks to the style choices they have pinned or liked.”

He adds: “Increasingly we are seeing same-sex couples buying for each other as well as the traditional male purchase.”

With more ring-buyers looking to commission bespoke pieces, retailers and independent designers alike can turn the negative connotations of ‘ringflation’ around and show customers how social media can be used to find the perfect ring to accompany the question ‘will you marry me?’.

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